The Story

Vane Protective Gear
G-Force Sensor Technology

Head injuries often occur in athletes who participate in high impact sports. This includes hockey, football, & lacrosse along with combat sports such as boxing and MMA.

Vane Protective Gear produces products that are designed to educate and protect athletes, empowering them to get back up and get in the game. Through repeated testing, altering, and innovating on the technology available Vane has produced a new standard in the industry for athlete protection. Our products give participants, coaches, and parents peace of mind and a visual cue when an athlete should immediately cease playing and seek medical attention, potentially reducing the risk of further injury.

We're proud to say of our products are manufactured in the USA with FDA dental grade materials.


The Effects of G-Forces


It is not always the first hit that causes the most damage. Sometimes, it's the second.

Furthering your injury can lead to long-term damage, which is why we created our patent pending Blunt Force Indication Technology. After you are impacted by over 100 G’s of force, the indicator inside the mouthguard will turn red, indicating you may have sustained a head injury.

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