• G-Force Indicators

  • Minimal Design

  • True-fit Molding

  • FDA Grade

  • BPA-free

  • PVC-free

  • Latex free

G-Force Sensor

Our G-Force indicating mouthguard is designed to inform athletes about the hits they're taking. If your mouthguard's sensor activates after an impact, you may have sustained a high-impact injury of 100 G's or more and should see a doctor.

This technology empowers athletes to be informed and protected while playing the sports they love.

  • Blunt force indicators inside the guard can show that the wearer may have sustained a head injury

  • Patent-pending indicators will turn red when they detect an impact of 100 G’s, when injuries are likely to occur

  • Helps coaches and parents make informed decisions on the playing status and possible next medical steps

  • Provides peace of mind for parents and adds a layer of protection for athletes participating in football, hockey, and more

  • VANE mouth guards DO NOT prevent or predict concussions and are not considered a substitute for an expert medical assessment


Mouthguard Features

G-Force Indicator

Vane Mouth Guards have indicator that are designed to warn an athlete that a G-force impact of 100 G's or higher has occurred - which may have resulted in a head injury. Using our patent pending 'Blunt Force Indication Technology,' the indicator within the mouth guard will turn red when it detects an impact of 100 G's or higher.

FDA Dental Grade Material

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, users can rest assure that this valuable piece of equipment not only performs better than the competition but is also safe, BPA Free, and allergen free. Proudly made in the USA.

Diamond Pattern

Showcasing an innovative diamond pattern design located on the bottom of the mouth guard this feature absorbs and disperses impact evenly and effectively.

Minimal Design

Comfort and safety collide allowing athletes to easily communicate during fierce competition while being properly protected from all the blows of sporting battles.

True-Fit Molding

Made with the same material Dentists would use to take a mold of your mouth, VANE mouth guards provide a comfortable, accurate fit. Simply submerge in boiling water for 30-60 seconds, remove and run under cold water for 30 seconds (or until cool to the touch) and insert into your mouth and bite down to shape.


Join the Team

We know just how much athletes care for the sports they play, and we want to be a part of keeping them around. Year after year we are learning about the results that high-impact G-forces have on athletes and we believe that technology should advance along side the science. We're not interested in just making good products, but partnerships with athletes and teams that are mutually beneficial. If you're interested in partnering with us please contact us. We'd love to talk to you. 


Be an influencer. A large part of our marketing is educating athletes about their own health and how to be informed. Help us by acting as an influencer in your social community. Share a photo of yourself with our products and be a part of our team.

Coaches & Teams

If you're a coach, or hoping to convince your coach, team, or athletic director to bring our products into your team, we would love to talk about how we can best resource, educate, and partner with your team to keep your athletes safe on the field. Contact us today!